Volcano Breath.

Exchanging the breath

Exchanging the breath is a beautiful meditative breathing practice that encourages people to mindfully consider their connection with each and every person and living thing on our earth. It is deeply calming and healing.

Two Minute Mindfulness Practice

Here is a simple two minute mindfulness practice/lesson to repeat daily and includes one minute of mindful listening and one minute of mindful breathing.

Calm Your Class in One Minute with a Breathing Sphere

One of the ways of teaching and encouraging children to breathe healthfully is by using a Hoberman breathing sphere – a popular children’s toy that’s basically a geodesic dome made of jointed segments. By lightly pushing or pulling it on opposite sides, you can make it expand or contract, accordion-style. The movement serves as a visual model for the type of breathing we want the kids to imitate by helping them see and synchronize their breath with movement.

Pranayama - Kapalabahti, Breath of Fire

A Yogic breathing practice helps us to tap into an unlimited source of energy. Kapalabahti breathing is both energizing and cleansing.