English phonetic symbols and English phonetic exercises,

pronunciation and transcription exercises 

The Phonetic Chart

 Clicking on a symbol will take you to another page where you can watch a video about that particular sound.

 The sounds are organised into the following different groups: Short vowels Long vowels Diphthongs (double vowel sounds) Voiceless consonants Voiced consonants Other consonants (отличный видео-ресурс, возможность закачки)

Online pronunciation guides

to 9 varieties of the English language and 9 other languages



English pronunciation  practice

with minimal pairs, eg ship/sheep 

PP Presentation Rules of reading

PP Presentation Rules of reading

We offer lots of phonetic and pronunciation exercises here for free online use and also as printable classroom material.This page contains exercises for English pronunciation, phonetics, phonology and intonation. There are printable exercises for teachers and self-grading exercises for use online.

 Watch and learn English vowel sounds using this vowel sounds video .

This is a multimedia game that will help children tune their ears for English sounds. They have to find what cards represent the same vowel sound and match them together. Click on the little picture to start the game.


 IWB Phoneme Patterns

This resource is a quick reminder of decodable words from each spelling pattern.

Blending Dragon

Blending Dragon Move the dragon with your mouse. Catch the real words and fly through the arch to move the wrong words on. Choose from a range of patterns.

The Dinosaur's Eggs Phonic Version

The Dinosaur's Eggs 2

Choose which group of words you wish to practise. Listen to the word, choose the correct egg and then press 'next'. If you are right the sabre-toothed will put a scratch on the tree. When you have completed ten goes you will be able to print out a certificate including all of the words you read and thoise that you need to work on.

Rhyming Rockets

Read your rhyme and then shoot the rhyming rockets.

Phoneme Pop Letters & Sounds

Sound groups taken from 'Letters and Sounds', e.g. sets 1 & 2 "s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d".

Phoneme Pop

 Sound groups taken from 'Playing With Sounds', e.g. group1 "s,m,c,t,g,p,a,o".

Sky Writer

A demonstration tool for letter formation. Try putting you finger in the air and follow the Sky Writer.

A Letter House

A whole class teaching tool useful for identifying real cvc words.

DJ Cows Spelling Patterns

Choose a spelling pattern and DJ Cow will make a wordsearch for it. .

Word Reader

Listen to the word and choose which flower has that word underneath it.

Phonic Fighter

Aliens are stealing the letters of the alphabet, you have to recognise what sound they make and click on the objects that begin with that sound.

Look, Cover,Write, Check

A game simulating the 'look cover write check' technique for improving spelling.

Dinosaur Eggs

A reading game dealing with the harder year 1 and 2 words.

Reading Machine, (CVC words).

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