Story Recount Game

Read a story, then play a game where you will try putting the sentences in the proper order. Drag the first sentence over number one and second sentence over number two and so on. You have 180 seconds and will score a point for each sentence in the proper order. This program will give you a check for correct answers and an X for wrong answers.

Write a Letter Game

Look over a letter and then see if you can put the letter back together. Drag the pieces into place and when all the pieces are in position press the check button.

Writing a Sentence Game

Try to put words in order so they make a sentence. This game will talk to you and comment on your answers in this fun interactive game atmosphere.

Persuasive Writing Games

Can you be persuasive in your writing? Play this opinion game where you are tested to see if you can give good reasons for your opinion. Get a Student Persuasive Writing Checklist for their Persuasive Writing. Get Student Persuasive Writing Worksheets to help make Connections with their experiences.

Pattern Sentence Games

Drag the words around to make the pattern sentence: eg. I see a _______ . This game comes with audio where you will be given instructions and can hear words as you click them. Comes with free worksheets and critical literacy worksheets.

Better Answer Game

Learn to read the question more carefully as you learn to restate the question in this fun interactive game about better answers. A great game about learning to write a good answer to a question as students learn to read the question clearly. Lots of oral instructions for younger students.

Story Elements Game

Learn to the parts of a story as you slide the character markers, problem markers, setting markers, solution over the text. This game is very interactive and will mark your work with audio and animation. You have the option to add timers. Lots of fun and you try to win the game and learn the elements of a story.

Dolch Word Games

50 to 75 percent of all words in text material are common words which are repeated. These 220 words are called the Dolch Sight Words.

Dolch Games 1

 Play this collection of games that covers almost all the 220 Dolch Words. Play Listen and Spell, Listen Match or Jigsaw. Lots of Fun!

Dolch Games 3:

Learn to spell the Dolch Words. This is a game for the student having trouble remembering how to spell the Dolch Words!

Talking Dolch Word Walls:

Great for Smart Boards where kids can click on your Word Wall to hear words. Rotate your Word Wall through 11 Dolch Word Lists. 

Kid's Typing Drills Game:
Work on practising your typing with this fun interactive game .

Typing Practice Game:
Practice typing all the letters with capitals as well, in this fun interactive game .

Word Safari Game

What a great way to learn how to spell! Play this fun interactive 3D Game with great sound effects as you fly through the air finding letters but avoiding certain obstacles. You can make your own spelling word list to play in the Game. Lots of fun!