Adjectives opposites1 - What is the opposite of ...? Answer and score 10 points

Word Building Quiz Games - Adjectives Opposites, Synonyms, Prefixes, Suffixes, Extreme Adjectives 

Adjectives and Opposites - Listening Memory Game

Increase your vocabulary by learning antonyms. There are over 100 in this game, so keep playing.

Memory Test - Opposites for two players - (requires Macromedia Shockwave Player) 


You should be able to identify the correct word from a selection of similar words that matches a particular context or goes with another word:

Feed the BIGbots! These word-automated machines have quite an appetite, so come prepared with a voracious vocabulary! Good hand and eye coordination is a definite plus!

Adjectives and Opposites Duel Game

This is a basketball game to help practice Adjectives and Opposites.

Drag from the top to the bottom.

angry, cold, dangerous, old, fast, hungry, rich, noisy, difficult
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