Useful and Fun Yoga Games

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Ball Pass

Sensory games are a fun way to improve a child’s ability to move the body as a whole and to integrate the senses. They are an enjoyable way to teach necessary social skills like teamwork, turn taking and verbal/non-verbal communication. Ball Pass also develops core and leg strength, balance, and co-ordination.

Body Chalk Board

Body Chalk Board is a great way to increase body awareness and sensory perception. Learning to rely on touch alone is a challenging skill and helps to focus attention and improve mindfulness.This game is also fantastic for learning cooperation and communication skills. You may even want to try it with your teens to keep them connected to their body.

Do You Hear What I Hear

This game helps attune individuals to all the sounds in their environment. It is wonderfully versatile and can be played with one other person, a group, or all alone. In addition it builds concentration and memory. This game encourages open attention as it requires continual scanning of the environment. It is also a sensory game helping to focus on one sense at a time.

Gaint Yoga Board Game

Jump into a life sized yoga game packed with poses, meditations and practices that will enrich and empower while teaching turn taking and packed with fun. This game is ideal in large spaces, especially outside on a driveway or patio, as well as for kids yoga day camp, but will require some preparation time to layout the grid/game board (20 mins) . The fun factor is definitely worth the extra time. This is a fabulous way to incorporate numerous yoga concepts and practices into one activity and the players will love becoming the game pieces which move around the giant board.

Five Good Moments
This game teaches children and youth to pay attention to the events of each day and intentionally focus on the positives. It encourages paying close attention, living in the moment and appreciating all that life has to offer. Learning to pay attention to how different moments/events make us feel is an important skill leading to emotional intelligence, improved self understanding and greater compassion and empathy.

Freeze Dance/Statues

Freeze Dance/Statues is a quick and easy one to use at the beginning or end of class. It helps kids to break free of constraints and let their inhibitions go. Integrating music into the yoga classroom is most natural. Choose music to correspond to the class theme or just something fun and upbeat. This activity will really get the heart rate up and increase the positive energy in the room.

Heart’s Hide ’n Seek
This game focuses on increasing intuition, awareness, and sensitivity to others and the environment. It also teaches about our senses and how heavily we rely upon the sense of sight. By playing Heart’s Hide ‘n Seek, children develop their sense of hearing and touch in order to navigate unharmed and locate their classmates.

Mirror, Mirror
Mirroring is a great activity that increases attention to detail and communication skills. In fact, mirroring is a common human behavior which we adopt often without even being aware that we are doing it. For example, when someone we are talking with smiles, we smile in return. Mirroring may express itself in gestures, eye movements, facial expressions, body language, even choice of words and attitude. Mirroring as an exercise attunes us to various forms of non-verbal communication and helps us feel connected to those around us. This is not a new game and is often used in theatre games, but is just as effective as a yoga game.

When teaching children yoga you always need a number of yoga games at your disposal. This one is particularly useful because it can be used at the beginning or end of a yoga session, or developed into an entire class. It is also useful as a language arts tool to discuss opposites. Journaling about how the various poses generate different feelings and reactions can prove especially insightful.

Rowing in Unison

When teaching children yoga you always need a number of yoga games at your disposal. This is a wonderful listening game that helps to increase attention span and focus. It is quick and easy to do and helps to get everyone ready for what is coming next. In addition it develops co-ordination and an understanding of moving with the breath.