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Halloween Game 1- Wrap the Mummy

 Divide the kids into pairs and let them choose which one will be the mummy. Let all the groups of 2 know that they will have 2 minutes to totally wrap their mummy and the first group to do so (using the whole roll of toilet paper) will each get a prize. Let the game begin. Set a timer and start the count-down and the other partner wrap the mummy in toilet paper.

Halloween Game 2 - Pin the Spider on the Web

 Draw a large spider web on poster board. Then cut out spiders using spider templates from black construction paper. Next let each child have a turn at pinning a spider on the web. Blindfold each child when it is their turn, lead them to the spider web and let them pin on a spider shape to the spider web. The child who pins their spider closest to the center of the spider web wins the game and gets a prize. You could put a piece of double sided tape on the back of each spider in order to avoid using pins with young children.

Halloween Game 3 -Worms in the Pie

 Make one pie per player, and put the same number of worms in each pie. To make the worm pie, place 10 gummy worms (get at the dollar store) in an aluminum pie tin and cover them completely with whipped cream. Have blindfolded players use their mouths to pull out as many gummy worms as they can in the time you set. The player with the most number of gummy worms pulled out of the pie wins a prize.

Halloween Game 4 -Walk on the Witch's Hat

 Kids will love this Halloween version of musical chairs. First find a picture of a large witch's hat, or draw your own on poster board or on a brown trash bag and cut it out. Tape it to the floor before beginning the game. Have the kid's line up and shut their eyes. Place a leader at the front to make sure no one opens their eyes. If they do, they are taken out of the game. The leader will control when the music starts and stops. Start some Halloween music on a CD player, mp3 player, radio etc... and the kids begin to walk in a circle around the hat, similar to musical chairs. When the music stops, the player standing on the witch's hat is eliminated from the game. Start the music again and repeat the process as many times as it takes to get to the last player who has not stepped on the witch's hat. That player wins the game and a prize!

Halloween Game 5 - Trick or Treat

 Before the Halloween party cut strips of paper for each child who will be there plus a few more. Write "trick" on half of them with instructions like, hop on one foot, sing a Halloween song, dance like a monster or pat your head and rub your tummy, and "treat" on the other half. Place the strips in some sort of Halloween container. Have the kids make a circle. Take the container to each child and have them draw a slip and either have them perform the "trick" on the paper or get a "treat!

Halloween Game 6 - Pumpkin bowling 

Pumpkin bowling can be a good game for children of all ages, including younger children. What you need are three or more inexpensive treat buckets that have a pumpkin design on them and either plastic bowling balls or lightweight plastic balls. What you will then do is stack the pumpkin buckets. Once the buckets are stacked, the kids can roll the bowling balls and try to knock down.

Halloween Game 7 - Mummies

You can also include a game where the children can turn themselves and their friends into mummies! To play this game, you will need a lot of toilet paper rolls. You can even ask the class to bring in one or two rolls. Let the children divide into teams, with two children on each team. The children on each team must wrap up their teammate in the toilet paper. The first team who finishes wrapping up their partner wins the games. If the child wants to, he or she can break out of the toilet paper and make mummy noises. After the first round is over, begin round two so that the other child on each team can be wrapped.

Halloween Game 8 - A scary story

Sit the children down in a circle so that you can all tell a scary story. You can start off the story with a class line, such as "It was a dark and spooky night." Whoever is next in the circle can continue the story, and so on. Of course you want to be sure that the story is age appropriate, so be sure to think about what will and will not be allowed in the story and let the class know before the actual story begins.

Halloween Game 9 - Halloween Musical Chairs

You can also play a game of Halloween Musical Chairs. For this game, play Halloween music and tell the children to act scary and spooky as they walk around the chairs. Of course you should keep this age appropriate, as it may be easier for smaller children to just walk around the chair rather than acting scary. The regular rules to musical chairs still apply. The child who is not sitting when the music stops is out and a chair is then removed.

 Prizes and treats for any of these games could be Halloween pencils, small bags of candy such as Halloween gummies, candy corns, fun size candy bars, silly bands in Halloween shapes, Halloween erasers, or get many other ideas from your local dollar store.


  Halloween  (vocabulary and exercises)  

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This fun game is another version of bowling where the pins are replaced with cats and the ball is replaced with pumpkins. The aim is to roll the pumpkins and squash as many cats as possible in a single roll. But beware of the arrow speed, it changes!

In this free online  virtural world game for kids, the Village people (not of the YMCA kind) have stormed Vampy’s (the resident vampire) castle. With Evil Dr.Faustoner’s encouragement, they have stolen his little, green, deadly bear in an effort to entice him toward a horrible fate!  Players travel through the castle and Vampy’s scary world to find clues, coffins and other items, helping Vampy get his bear back!  

This free, easy level game for small children helps them learn to use the mouse.  Kids pick a monster cursor which will fly across the computer screen on a designated colorful path. The path dips and climbs during its flight, challenging little hands to follow its course. The more accurate kids are, the higher their score.

Players in this online game launch projectile pumpkins, sending them flying for the longest distance possible.  Hit trick-or-treaters, bombs and springboards for extra distance and fun!  Takes a few tries to learn how to launch the pumpkin, but each time is different.  Watch out for graves and firepits!

Tips: Before hitting the space bar to launch the pumpkin, watch the cross and try to click when it reaches all the way to the right for a long shot.  Also, clicking on the bat in the upper left corner during the pumpkin’s flight will accelerate this Halloween vegetable (oops it's really a fruit) in it’s path.

Kids’ parents will remember the paper and pencil game whereby one hundred dots are drawn on a paper in a grid (ten vertical and ten horizontal) and players take turns drawing a line dot-to-dot.  When they complete a square, they initial the square and the player with the most squares wins.  Halloween Arcade’s Trick or Treat game is a Halloween version that can be played with another player or the computer and represents travelling door to door trick or treating.  Odds are that parents will enjoy this game as much as the kids.

Нашёл ли ты в доме с привидениями всё, что необходимо для магического зелья?
Что ещё можно положить в колдовское зелье?
Придумай парочку ингредиентов, которые можно использовать в зелье, и расскажи о них по-английски, чтобы ребята из других стран тоже могли почитать!

В доме с привидениями много всего страшного и ужасного... привидения, скелеты и многое другое! Сможешь ли ты найти то, о чём идет речь?

Абракадабра - это магическое слово. Может ли Билли заставить Тома летать? Послушай песенку и узнай волшебное заклинание. 


Где тыква? А где метла? Сопоставь картинки и слова.

Распечатай идеи для вечеринки на Хэллоуин !