Jazz Chants : Rhythms of American English for Students of English As a Second
by Carolyn Graham

. 341

Sally Speaks Spanish, But
Not Very Well

Sally speaks_Spanish, but not very well.

When she tries to speak Spanish,

you really can't  tell

what language she's_speaking

or trying to speak.

The first time I heard_her,

thought it was Greek.

Easy Solutions

Gee, I'm hungry;

Have a sandwich.

Gee, I'm angry!

Calm down!

Gee, I'm sleepy!

Take a nap!

Gee, it's chilly in here!

Put on a sweater.

Gee, it's hot in here!

Open a window.

I've got the hiccups!

Drink some water.

My nose itches.

Scratch it.

My feet hurt.

Sit down for awhile.

My shoes_are tight.

Take them off.

I have a toothache.

Go to the dentist.

I have a headache.

Take some aspirin.

I'm lonely!

Call_up_a friend.

I'm bored!

Go to a movie.

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