Wiggle My Fingers

(wiggle parts of your body)

 I wiggle my fingers
 I wiggle my toes

 I wiggle my shoulders,
 I wiggle my nose

 Now no more wiggles
Are left in me

So I will sit still
 As still as can be


Five Little Froggies

Five Little Froggies sat on the shore         (hold up hand, extend fingers, and count them)
One went for a swim and then there were four       (fold down a finger each time a frog leaves)

  Four little froggies looked out to sea
One went swimming and then there were three

Three little froggies said, What can we do?
 One jumped in the water and then there were two

  Two little froggies sat in the sun                                                                                                                         
One swam off and then there was one.

One lonely froggie said, This is no fun.
He dived in the water and then there was none.


This is fun finger play song

Put your hands into fists and then put them up in front of you

Finger family up    (put your fingers up )
and finger family down     (curl your fingers down again )
Finger family dancing     (stick your fingers up again and wiggle them around)
 All around the town
 Dance them on your shoulders,    (make your fingers dance in the appropriate places)
 Dance them on your head
Dance them on your knees and tuck them into bed.   (curl your fingers into a fist again and place them into your lap

Falling Leaves

All the leaves are falling down           (flutter fingers downward)
 Orange, green, red, and brown.                (flutter fingers)

  If you listen, you'll hear them say,        (cup hands around ears)
"Wintertime is on it's way."              (whispering)

Home Sweet Home

A nest is a home for a robin;    (cup hands to form a nest)

A hive is a home for a bee;    (turn cupped hands over)
A hole is a home for a rabbit;    (make a hole with hands)
And a house is a home for me.    (make roof with peaked hands)

Dancing Fingers

Thumbs are up;
Thumbs are down;
Thumbs are dancing
All around the town.

Pointers up;
Pointers down;
Pointers dancing
All around the town.

(additional verses)

Tall fingers up, etc.
Ring fingers up, etc.

Little fingers up, etc.

All fingers up, etc.

Amazing Fingers

I have ten fingers and they all belong to me;
I can make them move - would you like to see?
I can shut them tight, I can open them wide,
I can put them together, I can make them hide,
I can make them jump high, I can make them jump low,
I can fold them quietly and hold them just so.