Песенный аудиокурс английского языка для детей среднего школьного возраста от Оксфорд.

Веселые, запоминающиеся песенки и рифмовки.
К  аудиокурсу прилагается учебник с текстами, упражнениями, заданиями и

What Is a Jazz Chant?

A jazz chant is the rhythmic expression of standard American English as it occurs in a situational context. The jazz chants included in Small Talk and on its accompanying cassette are designed as a language tool to develop students' appreciation of the rhythm and intonation patterns of spoken American English.

Jusi as the selection of a particular tempo and beat in jazz may convey powerful and varied emotions* the rhythm, stress, and intonation patterns of the spoken language are essential elements for the expression of the feelings and intent of the speaker. Linking these two dynamic forms has produced an innovative and exciting approach to language learning.

In performing the chants, students are also learning to distinguish difficult vowel and consonant contrasts while they are actively engaged in a verbal exchange that can easily be used in their own lives.

Jazz Chants are Carolyn Grahams snappy, upbeat
chants and poems that use jazz rhythms to illustrate the natural stress and
intonation patterns of conversational American English. Her first book, Jazz
Chants, was published in 1978, followed by Jazz Chants for Children one year
later. For over 25 years, classes all over the world have enjoyed jazz chanting
as a unique way for students to improve their speaking and listening comprehension
skills while reinforcing the language structures of everyday situations.

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Here is one of the Grammer chants:

Bob gets up at six o'clock

He never gets up late

He always gets up early

 He never sleeps till eight.

He always drinks his coffee black.

He never uses cream.

He rarely has a sleepless night.

He never has a dream.

He does his breakfast dishes,

 Then puts them on the shelf.

Walks around the kitchen,

Humming to himself.