Уважаемые коллеги, как вы успели заметить, все материалы на страничках о детской йоге позаимствованы из англоязычных источников. С одной стороны, для учителя английского языка это, бесспорно, положительный момент. С другой, не все виды деятельности, представленные в видео роликах и на сайтах, соответствуют задачам учебного процесса в российских школах. Однако, среди огромного потока информации и предложений можно найти интересные идеи, задумки, положить их в основу и разработать свои activities, адаптированные к реалиям наших традиционных уроков.

Так, например, в следующем видеоролике можно усложнить задание, попросив учащегося не только соединить пары по звуку, но и назвать цвет яичка и догадаться, что в нём находится. Таким образом, повторить лексический материал, а, может быть, и расширить словарный запас.

http://www.yogainmyschool.com presents a mindful listening game which promotes conscious awareness of sounds, improves listening skills and is ideal for the Easter season. Using a variety of commonly found items inside plastic Easter eggs students play with sound, finding the matching egg which 'sounds right.' This game encourages children to listen attentively and effectively in order to discern subtle variations in sounds.

http://www.yogainmyschool.com demonstrates how to develop focus and attention in kids with this creative art and meditation activity.

It takes concentration and cooperation to carefully place each stick into an ever evolving larger picture. This activity also develops the pincer grasp and fine motor control essential to learning how to write.

http://www.yogainmyschool.com demonstrates how to do Rope Walking a mindfulness activity which teaches focus and concentration. It also improves balance and coordination while providing a calming activity that is both challenging and soothing in nature.

(Crossing the Line is a group activity that has a very strong impact on both children and adults. It is a quiet, meaningful experience of recognizing our similarities, and is a great way to reinforce a sense of community within your class. )

It is also a great way for a child to send love to a person or even a pet 

Using a singing bowl in a very deliberate way to let the students know that you are about to start class. 

This game helps attune individuals to all the sounds in their environment.

Have you ever felt sad, anxious, worried, afraid? We all have. Children also experience these negative feelings and often they don’t know how to deal with them.

This object lessons uses spaghetti, a favourite food for most kids, to demonstrate the difference between what the body feels like when stressed and worried, and what it feels like when relaxed and calm.

This simple activity is a great way to welcoming in the Spring with your children! Tree pose connects you deeply to the earth, sharpens your focus, strengthens your legs and builds balance in your whole body.